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Gabriele Galimberti

Gabriele Galimberti is an Italian photographer who has worked for many major magazines, but while traveling the world (and quite extensively so) he has worked on a number of his own projects, all of which are fascinating in different ways.  I especially like his series “Toy Stories” which is a collection of images of children from different countries around the world photographed at home with their most prized possessions.  It’s a lovely project, that definitely shows how universal being a kid is. It tells a lot about the parents too, what objects they feel are important to share with their kids.

Puput – Bali, Indonesia

Tyra- Sweden

Maudy- Zambia

Pavel- Ukraine

Virginia- Utah

Naya- Nicaragua

Taha- Lebanon

Mikkel- Norway

Bothle- Botswana

Cun Zi Yi – Chongqing, China

Alessia- Italy

Noel- Sth Dallas, Texas

Tangawizi- Kenya

At age 6 I would have been wearing a pink and purple dress for one thing. Had a lot of gorgeous home-made Steiner dolls from my Mum, a stuffed dog cleverly named “Softie”, some puffy stickers, a stationary set or two and most definitely my marble collection. What about you?

Galimberti has done some other amazing series’ also. Take a look at the “The blonde twins of Mengele” and “Local Celebrities” as well as lots of other awesome work.  Makes me want to pack up everything and go see the world!

All images from Gabriele Galimberti’s website, click on them for direct links.