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Gemma Smith

Smith is an Australian artist whose work is totally inspiring me at the moment. I’m loving triangles, as you can tell from my quilts of late and this angular colourful work is right up my alley. It’s always nice to find inspiration right when you need it (thanks Pinterest!!) While I’ve been away my usual sewing weekends, I’m keen to start asap! But it looks like we might attempt to go camping this weekend too, it’s Canadian thanksgiving and probably the last semi-decent weather for camping.

Smiths early paintings have an awesome broken geometry and she made some excellent sculpture to go with the paintings, giant gem-like crystalline formations made from colourful perspex that she called ‘Boulders’. I love the prism-ish forms, the colours look like reflected light. Her later work is much more fluid, but equally colourful. Which I equally like! Check out the gallery that represents her for more.

Boulder 2, 2008

Untitled #1, 2008

Boulder 2, view 2, 2008

Snarl-up, 2008

Beep about, 2010

Boulder 4, radiant, 2010

Even odds, pink/grey, 2013

Big O, red/blue, 2013

All images from Sarah Cottier Gallery.