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Lauren Clay

Paper has got to be one of my favorite mediums for sculpture, but I know from experience it’s not always easy to work with.  Lauren Clay is a Brooklyn based paper artist. I love her work, the textures and colours are incredible and the forms are really organic and cheerful. I don’t even want to think about how long it takes to make one, her attention to detail is superb, the rounded paper ends, the subtle ombre. I find the work fun and light-hearted, but also really beautifully considered and thoughtful.

Pegotty, 2011, acrylic on cut paper, papier-mâché, wood

Moan about the present, venerate the past, 2010, acrylic on cut paper, papier-mâché, wood

The unending amends we’ve made (imperishable wreath), 2010, acrylic on cut paper, papier-mâché, wire, wood

Schism Chasm Cataclysm, 2011, acrylic on cut paper, papier-mâché, acrylic, wire, wood

One Way Ticket into the Nirvana Thickets (Tunnel-Funnel-Cornucopia), 2009
acrylic on cut paper,papier-mâché, foam, wire, wood

I always enjoy a philosophical title, it shows the artist is heavily influenced by a number of deeper concerns even if it’s not directly obvious to the viewer.  A title is a big part of the artwork. Plus anyone who confidently uses purple gets a lot of points from me.  It’s a highly misunderstood colour that needs more of a chance.  When I’m rich I will most definitely own one of these beauties.

Synchronicity Spoken Here (Purple Monochrome with Junk in the Trunk/L.H.O.O.Q. with Maxi Stripes), 2009 acrylic on cut paper, papier-mâché, foam, plastic

Images from her representative gallery Larissa Goldston Gallery.

There in a nice interview with Lauren here.