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Fabric by the sea

Don’t worry, I’m not going to post every time I get new fabric. But this was a fun package to get, because it’s from Sprightly Fabrics in San Jose. I ordered a bunch of fabric I had been eyeing forever and I also WON some!!  Yesss, lucky me. I wanted to show you some of the awesome fabrics I got from their great etsy store.

The lovely Floressence collection from Art Gallery in the magnifiscent colourway.

Windham, Type, Keys. Art Gallery, Color Me Retro, Dulcette in azalea. Little Yellow Bicycle for Blend Fabrics. Vintage Summer, Gardenias in blue. Luxe in Bloom, Cascade in agate. Luxe in Bloom, Jeweled Peony in boreal.

The fabric I received in their giveaway. By the Sea collection by Deborah Edwards for Northcott.  Isn’t it great? I can’t get enough of those stripes and spots – useful in everything. It even came with this awesome 1 yard panel that I can’t wait to use for a new boys quilt.

Thank you Monique and Moses! Check out their etsy stores. Do you get that thing where you can’t cut new fabric?  Even though it’s already cut.  So pretty.


I just got the most awesome package in the mail.  I’ve been busily sewing all weekend and just as I checked the post this morning – even MORE reasons to be excited.  My lovely Mum got me these fabrics for my birthday and I can’t get over how great they are.  Especially the new Carolyn Friedlander – Architextures.

I have loved ‘Field study’ by Anna Maria Horner for ages. And the Lizzy House ‘Pearl bracelets’ are perfect for everything, not to mention her new ‘Constellation’ series. Stars, moons and supernovas, awesome.

  • 1. Drawing in white- Architextures by Carolyn Friedlander
  • 2. Landscape circles in black - Architextures by Carolyn Friedlander
  • 3. Sundials in happy – Field study by Anna Maria Horner
  • 4. Fine feathered in whisper - Field study by Anna Maria Horner
  • 5. Co-ordiantes in plum - Field study by Anna Maria Horner
  • 6. & 7. Pearl Bracelets in tin man and hi ho silver by Lizzy House

  • 8. Far far away III girl playing with horses in grey by Heather Ross
  • 9. Star charts in light blue – Constellations by Lizzy House
  • 10. Twinkle twinkle in white - Constellations by Lizzy House
  • 11. Supernova in blue and black - Constellations by Lizzy House
  • 12. Moon phase in teal - Constellations by Lizzy House
  • 13. Crystalline in cobalt – Luxe in bloom, Art Gallery fabrics
  • 14. Extravagarden in hush – Luxe in bloom, Art Gallery fabrics

A little charm pack from Architextures. I can see these going so well with florals, now back to my sewing. I’ll show you what I’ve been up to in a minute!