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It was a goody for me, starting with a Dim Sum feast. Sundays rarely disappoint me, but this has been a great one. Nothing in particular spectacular, just all round perfect, you have those? I’ve been practicing taking pictures, it’s not as easy as I thought, although I’m trying to learn everything manually, I could always set it to auto : )

I’m lucky I have a willing subject for portraiture practice. Cute little nose.

Another great thing about this Sunday – I harvested my first real tomato of the season! Woot. Who says you can’t grow anything without a backyard/balcony? All you need is a mini fire-escape full of pots and voila!  I have been eating bunches of strawberries daily also! And many herbs of course, herbs are a must.

As I write I’ve got dinner being made for me and I’m sewing with an old friend – Rose.

I hope your Sunday was a lovely one, luckily I have Mondays off instead of Saturdays, so I hope tomorrow will be equally as good. For those who work – have a great week!  I’ll show you what I’ve been sewing soon.

The first snow

It has been a few years that I’ve lived in a snowy city now, but I’m still surprised when I wake up and see the sparkly blanket of white. Mitch gets as excited as I do. Winter has begun…

It’s lucky they fixed the heaters in our place, just in time for -12° this morning!