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Scott Chaseling

Chandelier for Bildwerk (you know how I love a chandelier!)

Happily, today I am featuring Scott Chaseling on my blog.  The first of my Q & A’s! Actually it is special that I feature Scott first, because more than almost any teacher I had at Art School (15 years ago now) he made the most resounding impact on me. Perhaps it was just right place, right time, who knows?  But when I began University I was a wee 17 years old, with not much of a clue about what it meant to be an artist.  I was fortunate enough to be at the Canberra School of Art with a number of incredible teachers and mentors and classmates. I leant a lot from Scott – firstly – how to blow glass!  Also about the ‘preciousness’ of glass (and glass artists), about constantly be interested in new ways to make things.  But I think possibly the best thing I learned from Scott, was about integrity.

He was recently in Frauenau, Bavaria for a 6 week residence at the Eisch Glashutte, with an exhibnition at the end.  Take a look at his tumbler for some beautiful images and a good look at lots of the work processes he uses.

Heart(h) 2012

Tell people a little about yourself. Where were you born/grow up, did you study?

Born in the country music capital of Australia: Tamworth, I got out of there real quick and have been on the road since.

I studied art in Sth Australia, then glass at the Jam Factory Craft and Design Center and the Canberra School of Art.

What do you do now, is it what would you like to be doing?

I try to live a life of a professional artist. While it requires some sacrifices I could not imagine doing anything else.

What does a typical day for you involve? Or a typical week? Is typical even a word for you?

There is no order to my day, week or year. It oscillates between being self directed and being given wake up orders.

An example would be my recent ten weeks in Bavaria Germany. There was not one day off and it covered an artist in residency culminating in a solo exhibition, teaching a 17 day course at a summer academy whilst designing and constructing a large outdoor sculpture.

What mediums do you like to work with?

I love to draw with charcoal and graphite.

When making sculptures the dominant material is glass as it’s what I know best. This is often used with found or sourced mixed media.

Where do you work?

Where ever I am, I have learnt to adapt to the situation I am in and create accordingly. I also believe that as an artist you are constantly working just through the process of thinking about it.

Who or what inspires you most – at the moment?

I love visiting the commercial art galleries in big cities. I can easily spend every hour seeing new art work. I want to be challenged.

Do you have a favourite blog and/or book to recommend?

On my laptop is a bookmark list of around 40 contemporary art blogs though I dont have a fave.

TV Dinner, 2012

Best thing you’ve ever made?

Pretentiously I’d say the next piece.

What is the coolest thing to do in your town?

Make art

And one awesome place to eat there?

With friends.

Is there something you’re bad at?

Apart from filling out questionnaires, what I fail at most would be keeping in contact with all the people I’ve met on my travels.

Did you ever want to be rich or famous? What drives you?

I feel as an artist I search for an audience, so fame would be a part of that. Though rich and famous brings to mind celebratory status and I wish none of that as I feel it takes more energy to maintain that position than it does to make art.

All of that which is behind me. (detail) 2011

I’d like to thank Scott for those things he taught me a long time ago and for continuing to support me by being a part of this blog.  I look forward to seeing what he makes next.

(all images are from Scott’s blog)