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Quilt blocks

This last week I’ve been working on my wonky log cabin blocks to send to Sam, but last week I made a few more of my farmers’ wife blocks.  I’m really enjoying making them still.  Even had a crafternoon with my awesome friend Ellen, who is a crafting queen.  I did seem to manage to complain a lot during one particularly fiddly block, which I think Ellen found funny, all my complaining and then I turn around and tell her how much I love it.

Hill and valley








Streak of lightening








Quilt squares

So I’ve been going nuts with the quilt squares!  I thought I would go along and make 2 a week, like the quilt along says.  They are pretty tedious to cut out, let alone sew (and unpick!) But I’ve been having so much fun making them I’m already past 20.  Which is great.  At this speed I’ll be done faster than I thought.  But I know at one point you lose steam too, so no holding your breath!

Autumn tints, End of day, Calico puzzle, Bat wing
Flock, Country farm, Economy, Contrary wife
Basket weave, Bowtie, Attic windows, Box
Puss in the corner, Mothers dream, Evening star, Windows

I won’t put pics of all of them right now – there’s only so many you can take!!  I’m not one to use one fabric designer, or one collection.  I use pretty cacophonous combinations sometimes, but I think all together it’s going to be OK.  Man I hope so.  So far I’ve repeated myself twice – ha.  Now I’m marking the book so I remember.  I’ve done most of the ‘easiest’ blocks.  By easy I mean less pieces per block (each block is just over 6 inches total).  Next weekend it’s time to tackle some mean ones.  Also for those quilters out there – I am not including the basket blocks (there are 2) with applique handles.  I want it more geometric and find the curves stand out too much.  So my repeated ones might just be fine!

Emalee’s apron

A couple of weeks ago I helped Emalee make her first apron, she picked really cute colours and it is going to come in very handy in the kitchen soon!  This apron is reversible  which is great if you want to co-ordinate your apron to your outfits!!

 An apron is a great thing to sew for a beginners project.  It’s pretty quick (she did hers in about 2 hours) and it’s totally useful.  I love the red and white polka dots and the black and white doggy paws.

For the pattern, we just used a piece of newspaper, folded in half lengthways with curves cut out for the arms.  You just adjust this by holding up the newspaper pattern to your chest to see if the waist height is correct.  We wanted a reversible apron, so we cut two, placed them right sides together, put the neck and waist ties inside and then sewed the whole way around.  Just leaving a tiny hole at the bottom of the apron to turn the whole thing inside out.  I hand stitched this closed to finish off, before we ironed it and tried it on.

Here’s a good way to put it to use!!  With another first for Em – apple pie.

Ellen Luckett Baker

Ellen Luckett Baker is an American fabric designer for Moda, with her collection, Quilt Blocks, just released in April 2012.  It’s her first collection of fabrics and I just love them.  I am going to try buying all of it.  It’s great to see such a nice non floral collection (even though I really do love florals too). Each design was hand-drawn digitally to give the collection an artistic, handmade quality.

Ellen also writes a great crafty blog called thelongthread, full of good tutorials and inspiration.  I can’t wait to make shorts, little jewellery gift bags and some cushions.