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A change of seasons

In about 24 hours I went from close to 40° C to -27° C (that’s about 105°F to -15°F) isn’t that nuts? More than a 60° different and my poor skin feels it!  An extra hot week in Aus and a real cold one here in Canada.  It’s  pretty crazy how fast you can go from one to the other and actually survive!

Anyway I had my second birthday at home in Montreal and look what my awesome boyfriend made for me!! My OWN craft space! It was such a great present to come home to. So perfect. Now my sewing machine doesn’t need to be as nomadic as before and my fabrics can have a home outside of their plastic bag : )

He really did an awesome job with the whole thing. Now I just have to get over the brutal jetlag and I can start sewing. Looking forward to starting my Craftsy BOM, continuing my FWQ and tons of other new projects!