People always ask me if we have thanksgiving in Australia and seem really disappointed for me when I tell them no. It’s funny living somewhere where you don’t feel the same emotion about a holiday as everyone else. You just can’t force that love of the holiday if you didn’t grow up with it’s memories. That being said I love any kind of holiday and thanksgiving really is a lovely one because it’s only about food. No presents or costumes, just lots of good food.

I made mini pumpkin pies¬†with maple cream for everyone while our gracious hosts made a roast chicken feast with fried plantains and avocado. We had port and the pies with great company and I think I’m building some pretty good memories for future thanksgiving excitement.

I also began to knit myself a scarf! I have been knitting for years, I learnt in school when I was maybe 6 or 7, but I never mastered more than 2 stitches so I only pearled or plained scarves my whole life. I never understood patterns, they look like written star wars languages or something. But I’ve got lots of needles and wool and I feel it’s a shame not to make use of the freezing weather approaching, so I’m knitting. And drinking tea, like all good nannas should.

Also I finished the back of Case’s quilt! It should be awesome when it’s quilted, but I’m kind of dreading wrangling that thing through the machine. It’ll have to wait, we’re off camping for a night or two in a wildlife park in Northern Quebec, wish me luck and no hungry bears…


  1. Olivia

    Hooray for knitting, it’s actually all just combinations of knit and purls stitches, there are no other secret stitches …really! And happy thanksgiving, you pies look delicious.

  2. Emma

    aww I’m so envious of you living in Canada, I’d love to travel there.

    Thanksgiving always sounds so cosy and lovely to me! Good luck and have loads of fun camping Wendy :) :)

    p.s., those little mini tarts look gorgeous.

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