The Philosophers’ Mail

Have you seen the new/gossip website that takes a different approach to viewing celebrities and world news? It’s called the Philosophers’ Mail and it’s run by the wonderful School of Life which is partly to do with the also wonderful, Alain de Botton. One of my favorite authors.

Here’s how the School of Life explains their new site:

The School of Life is proud to announce its latest venture, a new media outlet we’ve called The Philosophers’ Mail. This daily online news source is committed to bringing you the latest, biggest stories, as interpreted by a team of our in-house philosophers rather than journalists. We will have reports coming in from London and from our foreign bureaux in Melbourne, Amsterdam, Paris and Istanbul.

The goal of the Philosopher’s Mail is to prove a genuinely popular and populist news outlet which at the same time is alive to traditional philosophical virtues.

For too long, philosophers have been happy merely to be wise and right. This has offered them huge professional satisfaction but it has not influenced the course of society. The average work of philosophy currently reaches 300 people.

So I began reading this newspaper of sorts each day and I can honestly say I find it quite refreshing. I work in a salon, that means, obviously I am ontop of the hottest celebrity goss! But it is unbelievably sad over time and yet I’m still always curious.

Alain de Botton is such an interesting man, I’m sure many of you know him well. I really do recommend any of his marvellous books, they are somewhere between self-help and prose. Sometimes he merely states the obvious, but I always find that to be the best kind of writing, the kind that makes you re-look at what you already know. I first stumbled across him years ago when, by chance, I watched a series on the ABC called “the Perfect Home” which was SO good I’ve looked for it since to no avail. Based on “the Architecture of Happiness” which is my favorite of his books.


  1. Luna

    I loooooove Alain de Botton!!!! My sister gave me Art as Therapy for my birthday last year and it’s top of my pile when I finally finish reading 1Q84 (about 5000 years from now!)

    I am going to try and find the series you mention. If I do, I’ll put it on a USB and post it over. xx

  2. Demelza

    I’m inspired to read the Architecture of Happiness now I know it’s your favourite. I’ve referred to Art of Travel so many times to write about my art. I heard his Philosopher’s Mail being discussed on local radio and the reviewer described the approach as a bit condescending as apparently he’s trying to reach an audience that goes for the Daily Mail with similar titillating grabs and people won’t be fooled by the articles..(that kind of thing) but I don’t really think that’s the point and it’s a refreshing and interesting format to discuss/read about philosophy. My eye just caught this one when scrolling down the page:
    Thanks Wens. I’m a fan!

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