the sick Farmers wife

Because I wasn’t well this weekend, I spent time with my farmer’s wife. Old comfort that it is. I’m not sure how many blocks I’ve done now, but I’m guessing around 60. Getting to the fiddley ones now. Most people are well and truly finished theirs, so I can get lots of good tips for the tricky blocks, but I really love sewing this quilt, I swear it helped make me well.

I know they’re a mish mash of colours here, but when all 60 are together they’ll be awesome! Do you do anything to make yourself feel better when you’re sick? Aside from chicken soup and movies!


  1. sam

    60 stunning squares! My word I have some catching up to do! I love the colors. This is going to be beautiful.
    Hope you are feeling better.
    I like simple knitting if I am really under the weather. But sometimes I like to “shut the world off” and lace knitting is perfect for that as it requires my complete concentration. X

  2. Jules

    Ooo, your blocks are perfect! There’s a group of us Canberra girls about to start the FW, we’re a looooong way behind the rest of the quilty world here ;)

    • admin

      Oh yay – enjoy the FW, doesn’t matter when you start – it’s so satisfying. I’d love to have met other Canberra quilters when I was there. I love Aus, hopefully one day I’ll move back and meet you guys :)

  3. Olivia

    It is going to be an awesome quilt. I hope you’re feeling better this weekend. I know when I’m really sick or overtired because I find myself sitting there with my knitting in my hands, but nothing actually happening!

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