Twenty Fifteen

Well hello everyone! I begin the year again with disbelief! February already! Ha! What a whirlwind my last and first month of the years were. Good ones though. Australia, my beautiful homeland did not disappoint. I spent quality family time trying to catch up as much as possible with the people I love and miss there, but there’s never quite enough time to fit relaxing in too. Lots of pressure for each day to be full, maximize the time available, squeezing moments out of people to hang on to for the year ahead without them. A strange thing to be split between counties.

First up, a short 12 hours stop in Hawaii, overnight. Not so well planned out, because Hawaii is incredible!! Wish there had been some time to spend there. Did you know there are no walls in the airport in Honolulu? The breeze and sunshine sure make for a bearable airport waiting experience. This photo is taken from  just outside our boarding gate!

We had enough time to stay the night in a hotel, which meant a meal and a proper sleep before getting back on the plane for another 12 hours or so. The jet lag worked in our favour, waking up around 6am meant we could stroll to Waikiki for breakfast before heading back to the airport. After years of flying all the way from Montreal back to Canberra in one long slog, this was certainly a treat compared!

Arriving in Sydney too late at night for a flight to Canberra, my excellent Dad picked us up instead and we drove back to the ‘berra in a smooth few hours with pies and beers in the truck. We woke to a lovely warm summer day on the farm with much excitement!

Christmas meant meeting my niece time!!! What a sweetheart!

Ange and I snuck down to the coast for a few days too, so we could get in some much needed beach time. Sun! Sand! Salt water! All the things I love. We like to drive from beach to beach, Ulladulla down the coast to Tathra stopping wherever we like, looking for rock pools and creatures along the way.

The big event besides Christmas, 3 birthdays and niece time, was our families first wedding, my baby sister had a sweet little wedding on the farm and then in an old barn in town. I finished the hand sewing on her wedding quilt just in time.

I had a lovely trip to the National Gallery on my birthday to see one of my all-time favourite artists retrospective, James Turrell. And in a blink, we’re back on the plane after teary goodbyes, into life and work in snowy Montreal.

Even though I’ve travelled so many times across the Pacific I am still always amazed at the possibility of such a voyage. I feel so fortunate I can save some time and money and transport myself such a monstrous distance so relatively easily! Incredible. Happy 2015.


  1. Luna

    Hello! Good to read something from you again. I’m sad I missed you when you were here, but it sounds as though you were on the go with some pretty special family stuff. Isn’t the little one just lovely?! And congratulations to your sister… a wedding AND a beautiful quilt.

    Enjoy the beginning to another wonderful year. Luna. x

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